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Raspberry Claflouti

Must confess, I’ve become quite addicted to raspberries this season. It’s been the best summer for them, with so much sunshine and heat. Like Forrest Gump’s shrimp pal, Bubba, I’ve been making raspberry spinach salad, raspberry smoothies, raspberry yogurt, raspberry vinaigrette, raspberry crisp, flambéed raspberries (with rum) over ice cream, and raspberry sour cream pie &hellip Continue reading »

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Buy Local: Veggie Heaven

When Mindy mentioned her garden-share program last winter, I signed up immediately.   Although there have been a few of these opportunities emerging in other parts of our province , this was the first I had heard of in my rural area and I was thrilled to support her endeavours (and to supplement my own struggling &hellip Continue reading »

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Off on Sick Leave

Immersed in book editing and trying to sleep through strep throat. Hoping for better days to come.

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What if anyone could write?

I’m tired of hearing people moan, “I can’t write a word”; to which I respond, “How often do you try?” I couldn’t write a decent word either, if I didn’t practice and work at it, just like runners have to train before they can run marathons. If I hadn’t read mountains of books when I &hellip Continue reading »

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View from the Marsh

I’ve been walking more than running these days, but even this has been sporadic. So, in an effort to get myself into the groove again, on Thursday night, I walked with Ann Duffy’s Nordic Walking group out on the Hillsborough marsh. We left from the Tourist info building at 6:30 pm. (Check the link to &hellip Continue reading »

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When do ideas become actions?

A few weeks ago, I watched my sister-in-law, Beth, as she made peanut butter cookies. Her strong, capable hands dipped into the big bowl and emerged with a small mound of dough. These same hands rolled the dough into ball, picked out a small portion, rolled, added a little chunk of dough, then rolled the &hellip Continue reading »

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What if the Footloose Spirit was Spreading?

It is! Word has it that Albert County’s successful support of Footloose! is making waves….Petitcodiac plans to adopt our program in their own community. Also, in case you hadn’t already heard, N.B. Premier Shawn Graham also nominated Footloose! for the Tommy Douglas Award in Ottawa as an example of primary health care in Canada. If &hellip Continue reading »

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What if a group of women could change their world?

An awesome group of women gathered together last night for an evening of contemplative yoga and fabulous food. Most of us had never met before, but we had yoga in common, being clients from Tammy Carlin’s first year teaching in Albert County. In the midst of her peaceful garden, we performed yoga postures and practiced &hellip Continue reading »

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