The Shorebirds of Mary’s Point

Excerpt from Sanctuary: The Story of Naturalist Mary Majka by Deborah Carr The tide is on its ebb flow. At water’s edge, a woman lies on her back, arms outstretched, palms skyward, feet pointed to the sea. Mud pillows her head and shoulders as the water swirls around her, lifting strands of her hair, tickling &hellip Continue reading »

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For the love of trees

Trees have received top billing in our region this past week. When a developer hired tree cutters to begin cutting century old trees in a tranquil green space alongside one of Moncton’s heritage properties, people leaped into action. Quite literally. It started with one man, but word spread and soon other protesters had arrived to &hellip Continue reading »

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Under the Harvest Moon (Mondays, with gratitude #20)

Last year at this time, I was turning 50, getting ready to launch my first book in a beautiful old community hall, purchasing a gorgeous piece of coastal property, celebrating 22 glorious years with my Darlin’, and awaiting a visit from my first grandchild, who was only 2 months old. It was a big month. &hellip Continue reading »

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Sandra gifts

One of the most helpful writers I know is a very accomplished lady by the name of Sandra Phinney. Several years ago, when I was struggling (*really struggling*) to come up with a workable structure for my book, Sandra invited me to her tranquil home in Nova Scotia so I could get away and think &hellip Continue reading »

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Tribute to booksellers & a giveaway

A TRIBUTE: Last week, I was giving a talk to a naturalist society in Wolfville, about 3 hours from home. I took my mom along for the trip, as the trip required an overnight, but more about that later. The next day, we girls sauntered along the Main Street, and there…in the front window of &hellip Continue reading »

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What if I’m a real author?

Last night a friend told me I had to ‘step into’ my author role. “Just visualize it and step right into it!” she said with enthusiasm. (I have wonderful friends. They are so supportive.) Sigh. It sounds so simple, but quite frankly, the whole author thing is still too stiff and new. So, here, in &hellip Continue reading »

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The Good Earth

My book club has been reading ‘The Good Earth’ – a timeless classic written by Pearl S. Buck in 1931. It is one of those books that calls you to read sections over and over and then once more aloud for the lyrical beauty of the words. It is a book about the life of &hellip Continue reading »

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Three Pounds, Seven Ounces

The day started out like every other. I peeled back the covers, touched my feet to the floor and did a couple yoga stretches to loosen my back and un-kink my neck. I was halfway to the bathroom when Callie-dog reminded me today was B-day. I was delivering my Book manuscript to the publisher. The &hellip Continue reading »

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