On leaving

Posted by on August 30, 2012

A number of people in my life are experiencing profound life-changes.  A few have lost people they love; some without warning, while others bear witness to the slow agonizing process of letting go.

Some have left places — and pieces of their heart — behind.

Still others have lost jobs or ended relationships or felt family units scatter.  Some have watched plans or dreams or health disintegrate.

A few have been tossed in the eye of the storm.

All involve loss of control.  Letting go of the familiar and safe — our solid, known ground — and leaping a chasm, hoping to find something to cling to on the other side.

Then scrambling for a new grip. A new acceptance and shape…a way of standing alone or being in the company of others. None of it is easy.

Months ago, when I was leaping this chasm myself, a friend who knows something about finding peace in the leaving sent me this poem inspired by the gentle teaching of a hummingbird.

I’d like to share her graceful words with you. In particular, they are for all those who are navigating the leaving…in one way or another.


I like to watch leaving
leave with gladness
as it so often does

on the slender-sloped back of the broadtail,


glistening with suddenly
at the edge of goodbye.



There aren’t many things here we can hold on to
because the truth of it is
everything was made for leaving.  But…


we can close our eyes like a net
around what we love

and we can remember.

© 2011 L. A. Krueger.  All rights reserved.
(used with permission)


9 Valued Thoughts on On leaving

  1. Rhonda Bulmer

    Beautiful photos. It’s true, nothing is permanent–Except love.

  2. carol steel

    I love the line “everything was made for leaving.” It is something we like to avoid thinking about but life only becomes rich and full when we keep it in the front of our thoughts. Your photographs are stunningly gorgeous. Thanks for this.

  3. Lynda

    Your photos are exquisite and the poem is lovely.

  4. Paula Sarson

    Thank you for this, Deb. Perfectly phrased. Perfectly illustrated. Perfectly timed.

  5. Kathy Mercure

    Thank you.

  6. Jane Tims

    Hi. This is a timely post for me. Thank you for sharing this poem. I love those vibrant hollyhocks! Jane

  7. Tabor

    Really beautiful photos. The pink in the flower is just lovely. Yes, life is that moving river that every morning when we wake it is not the exact same river we left. As we age it is harder to adjust to change…especially the painful changes that we expected or that were unexpected. As we age we have less to look forward to and that makes it more difficult.

  8. ernestine

    Beautiful images
    everything was meant for leaving
    spoke to me…

  9. Carolynn

    That is really a beautiful poem. And, your photos! Holey moley.

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