The days to come…

Posted by on April 19, 2012

It is Thursday and I’ve been in Haiti for nine days. For much of this, we have been traveling in the mountains and without internet, so in the days to come I will try to get caught up on my experiences.

I do want to share this incredible journey with you, as it happens, but I am limited by both internet connectivity and my ability to process it all, so my entries will always be behind time. However, for what it is worth, this is my start.

It is too pat and easy to come to another country and say, ‘Oh, I love the people. They are so beautiful and filled with joy, despite their need.’ I feel we do them a disservice by simplifying their story and their history in such a way, but I am, as yet, unable to do any better.

For a wordsmith, the right words have been hard to come by, so you’re getting raw posts…unedited. I beg you to bear with me as I muddle through my thoughts, trying to grasp this complex country, its people and all its contrasts.

You will see Haiti through my eyes, through the lens of my perceptions and my own feeble searching. You will first see the Haiti you may have come to recognize through the mainstream media, but you will also see the Haiti that lives behind all this, a Haiti that may surprise and move you. I have been reduced to tears many times, not by the poverty or the need, but by my own frailty and shortcoming in the face of Haitian strength and loss and noble pride. Perhaps this may seem selfish, but I believe compassion for others cannot happen without facing our own failings first. I don’t expect the full weight of it all to make itself known until I am back home again.

And also, in the days to come, perhaps most importantly, you will also hear the voices of people who depend on God to protect the hope and light of their hearts.

4 Valued Thoughts on The days to come…

  1. Carolynn

    Wow, what an incredible adventure you’re on! I look forward to hearing more. I know it will be beautifully and respectfully written. I too depend on God to protect the hope and light of my heart. We really are all one.

  2. Peggy/Serendipity Traveler

    The lesson for us perhaps is to depend on God to protect the hope and light of our hearts

  3. Sarah Butland

    Be absorbed and immersed, worry not of what you need to articulate or what your followers read. Instead be quiet, still and take in all that surrounds you and worry about their story now and your own story later.

    Thanks for bringing us on such an amazing journey.

  4. Mary Majka

    Haw wiser you will be after you come back !
    You want there thinking you will teach Haitians how to write
    instead thy are teaching you about life you never thought egsisted !

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