What if Nordic Walking came to Albert County?

Posted by on October 30, 2007

It is! Nordic Walking has long been a favourite European activity, but is now quickly gaining popularity in Canada. By using specialized walking poles for added stability and motion, Nordic Walkers get a fantastic upper body workout and increased calorie burn during exercise. It’s a perfect exercise that removes some of the concerns of winter walking and it’s a supremely effective therapy for those who suffer from arthritis.

Footloose! is so privileged to have Yennah Hurley and her partner Marilyn Inch joining us for an Introduction to Nordic Walking session on November 17th at 10:00 am at the Recreation Centre in Riverside-Albert. (This photo is of Yennah and Marilyn at Marathon by the Sea.)

Yennah and Marilyn have a Nordic Walking group (http://www.walkingproud.com) in Saint John and they will be bringing an inventory of poles so folks can actually try it and like it. Yennah will even be offering a discount if folks want to order their own– you won’t find a better deal than what she’s offering.

Yennah is so passionate about Nordic Walking that you’ll be sure to catch the buzz. Also joining us that day is Daryl Steeves (formerly of Albert County, currently from St. Joe’s Hospital in Saint John, and most recently fresh back from a Joints in Motion marathon in Greece). Daryl is a marathon veteran, both as a runner and a Nordic Walker and this year was instrumental in getting a Nordic Walking event added to Saint John’s annual Marathon by the Sea event. (He even came in first place – see him approaching the finish line in the photo!) I mentioned Daryl before in my blog; he’s a wonderfully inspirational trainer and speaker who lives a full athletic life around psoriatic arthritis. He’s one of my favourite people, so trust me when I say he’s going to be giving a presentation that you just simply won’t want to miss.

This promises to be an awesome Footloose! day of fun, fitness and firsts, so bring your friends and family along. You just never know what day your life will change!

Need more info? Call Rhonda Hamilton or Doris Weir here at the Community Health and Wellness Centre. 882-3100

One Valued Thought on What if Nordic Walking came to Albert County?

  1. ClaireWalter

    I have written a book about Nordic Walking that will be out in 2008, and I maintain a blog on the topic (heep://nordic-walking-usa.blogspot.com). I have been very impressed with the growth of Nordic Walking throughout Canada.
    If you visit my blog, scroll down to “Labels” on the left side of the page and click on “Canada,” you will find quite a number of posts — and I don’t know all the races, instructors, retail shops, etc. involved in NW in Canada.

    I posted an item on the Marathon by the Sea and the peoople who have brought Nordic Walking to New Brunswick. Even though many parts of the US are warm/hot and snowfree throughought the winter, it has had a tougher time making inroads here.

    Claire @ http://nordic-walking-usa.blogspot.com

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