Having Doubts? Read on?

Posted by on October 31, 2007

Last winter, I took my folks to a Nordic Walking info session put on by the Moncton Outdoor Enthusiasts at Centennial Park. From what I had seen, I thought it was the perfect activity for them, since they were concerned about walking during the icy winter months. They seemed intrigued, but worried about ‘looking silly’.

Well, I want to mention Claire Walter’s blog – Claire is a travel journalist who is awaiting the 2008 release of her book called, “Nordic Walking: the new way to health, fitness and fun”. If you have any doubts on the popularity of Nordic Walking, you need to browse her informative blog. Clare has posts on Nordic walking all over the world.

In particular, read the article on Nordic Walking in New Brunswick. She mentions a number of familiar names! Walk On Albert County!

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  1. jodi

    This intrigues me…maybe when I feel better and can walk for more than a few minutes I’ll try it. Thanks for posting this, Deb.

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